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The Future of Automated JCL Management
JED is a fully automated JCL management solution for today's z/OS data centers providing JCL validation, standards enforcement, reformatting and syntax checking. JCL maintenance, conversions and tuning are now possible -- automatically!  Robust, yet simple to use, JED provides a flexible, automated way to address the labor-intensive tasks associated with the JCL change lifecycle. JED significantly improves operations and production control environments, resulting in improved SLAs.  JED has become the premier automated JCL management product on the market today.

JED has been designed to be JCL intelligent.  Incorporating JED into DCMS CCS (Change Control System) or other automated code deployment tools permits the management and control of JCL in the change lifecycle to be fully automated.  JED simplifies JCL management and quality assurance, resulting in improved productivity and reliability for the entire Information Technology department.

JED insures that the JCL entering your production environment is logically and syntactically error-free and will execute properly.

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The JED Process:

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JED Major Features:
JED includes a license for the DCMS Cross-Reference System (XREF) - XREF is a powerful online cross reference facility that provides complete up-to-the-minute information on program and JCL component relationships. XREF allows the user to quickly and accurately perform impact analysis to find the impact of updating a particular program or JCL component. For more information visit the DCMS Cross-Reference System (XREF) web page.

JED Benefits:
JED has become the industry leader in the automated JCL management arena.  JED is not just a JCL validation tool; it is a fully automated and comprehensive JCL Management solution.  JED virtually eliminates all JCL errors in the production environment.  JED significantly reduces the amount of time involved in JCL maintenance, development and conversion. JED provides automation not found in any other JCL checking tool.

Operating Environment for JED
JED is available for any processor that supports the z/OS operating system environment and supports all versions of z/OS. JED executes as a batch jobstep or as an interactive process under ISPF. Interfaces to other products are described earlier in this document.

Service and Support
The DCMS toll-free Service and Support Hotline (952) 473-3572 is accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week. On-site training and consulting are available for a nominal fee.

60-day Trial
The JED system can be shipped to your company, or you can download JED,  for a no cost, no obligation trial.

Products are licensed (Perpetual and Renewable) on a per processor basis. Tiered pricing is based on Processor Software Groups. Annual maintenance for perpetual licenses is calculated at a rate of 15% of the current license fee.

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