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DCS Eliminates Date Parameter Setup
The Date Control System (DCS) is an automated calendaring and date parameter setup system that slashes daily JOB setup time and greatly reduces production reruns. DCS completely automates and eliminates the error prone manual process of setting up job parameter date cards. DCS also provides direct access to the same DCS production calendars by programs written for CICS, Batch, or ISPF.

Additionally, DCS aids programmers by providing common access to numerous complex date calculation and conversion routines, including those utilizing fiscal and holiday calendars, saving hours of redundant coding and testing. The DCS package includes interfaces to both ISPF and CICS.

DCS is very easy to install, configure, and use! The learning curve for system administrators and users is very short; usage is highly intuitive and self-explanatory; extensive online help screens and tutorials are available with a single key stroke.

DCS Features
Operating Environment for DCS
DCS is available for any processor that supports the OS/390 and z/OS operating system environments. DCS utilizes ISPF/Dialog Manager (DM) and ISPF/Program Development Facility (PDF). DCS supports all versions and releases of MVS, ISPF and VSAM.

60-day Trial
The DCS system can be shipped to your company for a no cost, no obligation trial. Pre-loaded calendars are provided to allow the system to be reviewed with minimum effort.

Products are licensed (Perpetual and Renewable) on a per processor basis. Tiered pricing is based on Processor Software Groups. Annual maintenance for perpetual licenses is calculated at a rate of 15% of the current license fee.

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